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caustic soda flakes
PRODUCT: Caustic Soda Pearls or Flakes; SPECIFICATION: 99% Purity and 25kg net PP bag USES: In the manufacture of soap, detergents and water treatment QUANTITY: 5 FCL 20 FT CIF PORT OF TEMA
Quantities Required: 125 Ton Effective Date: 8/15/2021Company: Axxxxx
Standard Sack
We are a Tunisian company producing bulgur, we need sacks for bulgur. We ask you to send us a quote.
Effective Date: 8/15/2021Company: Axxxxx
Work Machine Pins
We're looking for work machine pins. We ask the relevant companies to share price information.
Effective Date: 8/15/2021Company: Zxxxxx
Oversize Women T-Shirt
We are looking for oversize women's t-shirts. We ask you to send a model, size, minimum order quantity and price list.
Effective Date: 8/15/2021Company: Dxxxxx
Black Women's Tights
We are looking for black women's tights. We ask you to send a model, size and price list.
Effective Date: 8/15/2021Company: Dxxxxx
We would like to inquiry purchase Black recycled PP for injection.
Black recycled PP for injection
Quantities Required: 200 Ton Effective Date: 8/13/2021Company: Rxxxxx
Dolphin Nitrile gloves
Medical nitrile gloves Dolphin info@bisonvest.com
Quantities Required: 1000000 Kutu Effective Date: 8/13/2021Company: Kxxxxx
Cold storage system
based on ammonia for fruits ,meat ,banana and other
Quantities Required: 1 Amper Effective Date: 8/12/2021Company: Axxxxx
We Buy Milk Powders
Dear  Sirs, We are Importers and Marketers of Milk Powders and are requesting Milk Powders suppliers to contact us with their email address and details of their Milk Powders. B/Regards Richards.
Quantities Required: 100 Yirmi-Ayak Konteyner Effective Date: 8/12/2021Company: Mxxxxx
Refined Paraffin Waxes
I want to import paraffin wax from turkey
Quantities Required: 2000 Kilogram Effective Date: 8/11/2021Company: Axxxxx
140drums of 180kgs calcium grease cf tunis target price 160us dollars/fob
tds calcium grease green coloUr NLGI2 TP°c -25 to 120.dropping point over 185°c.penetration 265/295 daN
Quantities Required: 25200 Kilogram Effective Date: 8/10/2021Company: txxxxx
Industrial Chiller
We have a demand for chillers, with a compressor of 50 cubits, a capacity of min 80 tons and a maximum external temperature of 30 degrees.
Quantities Required: 1 Adet Effective Date: 5/27/2021Company: Sxxxxx
Shower cabin boat
Square or oval shower tray acrylic economical.
Quantities Required: 480 Adet Effective Date: 8/9/2021Company: Cxxxxx
Closet Cistern (Bottom Outlet)
1440 WC pan with cistern and cover. Bidet without faucet.
Quantities Required: 1440 Adet Effective Date: 8/9/2021Company: Cxxxxx
Safety Gloves
We are looking for work safety gloves. We kindly ask the relevant companies to provide detailed information and to send a price offer.
Effective Date: 8/5/2021Company: Sxxxxx
Flavored Powdered Drink
We have a demand for flavored powdered drinks. Send us a quote for the two feet container.
Effective Date: 8/5/2021Company: Hxxxxx
We have a bench request. We kindly ask you to provide information about the price list and FOB.
Effective Date: 8/5/2021Company: Fxxxxx
Men's T-shirt
We are looking for men's t-shirts. We kindly ask you to provide information about the fabric of the t-shirts and a price quote by CIF Irbil / Iraq shipment.
Effective Date: 8/5/2021Company: Hxxxxx
Men's Jeans
We are looking for wholesale men's jeans to be shipped to Iraq. We ask you to quote a price.
Effective Date: 8/5/2021Company: Hxxxxx
We are looking for wheelbarrows. We kindly ask interested companies to send information about the price list and delivery process.
Effective Date: 8/4/2021Company: Txxxxx